Tim Uhler

Tim Uhler

Words to live by:

When in doubt, do the kind thing

How do you elevate the trade industry?

I try and show my favorite parts of construction on my YouTube and IG channels.  Specifically have fun and keep learning.  Work safely and work hard, but have fun.

What’s your go-to TRUEWERK gear?

B1 Sun Hoodie. They are a great base layer in fall/winter/early spring and also great for warm/hot weather.  I wear them at work and hiking. Cloud shirt is exceptional in hot weather, and the T2 pants are my go to for work and hiking until it gets warm then its the T1.

Pick one: What’s the most rewarding thing about being an ambassador?

I've been drinking the TRUEWERK Kool-aid for years and absolutely love the gear.  My favorite part of being an ambassador is trying new gear and then being able to recommend it to others.  It has been game changing on the jobsite for me. Protection in the summer, warmth in the winter and I will not wear anything now that doesn't stretch.


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