You can’t control the elements, but you can outsmart them.

Effective layering is essentially creating your own heating and cooling system for your body. Our technical layers are engineered to work in tandem, letting you take advantage of different materials to quickly adjust to any job or climate for optimized temperature, protection, and comfort. Take precise control over what you’re wearing to match the circumstances right now, from high winds to a sudden downpour, with fewer layers that work smarter so you can focus on performing at your highest level.

Layering TRUEWERK workwear is simple. Products that start with B are base layers, followed by M for mid layers, and S for shell layers. Each product in our workwear is followed by a number. The bigger the number, the warmer the piece.

Meet the System—

Layering Shell - Truewerk ApparelLayering Mid - Truewerk ApparelLayering Base - Truewerk Apparel

Base Layer

As the foundation of our integrated workwear system, our base layers are worn next-to-skin and feature four-way stretch for maximum mobility while pulling moisture away from your body to keep you comfortable and dry.


Transitional mid layers insulate without adding extra weight or bulk, allowing you to easily adjust your gear throughout the day to match any fluctuations in temperature or conditions.

Shell Layer

TRUEWERK shell layers feature highly water- and tear-resistant softshell fabric to protect you from the elements and job site hazards. Our outermost layers offer extreme stretch for a full range of motion and let moisture  evaporate without letting more in, ensuring you remain dry and comfortable.

Layering Video

Base Layer—

The primary purpose of your base layer, worn closest to your skin, is to quickly wick and dry moisture to keep it from freezing.



Your mid layer regulates your body temperature. Fleece dries fast and is breathable, while synthetic insulation has additional weather protection.


Shell Layer—

Your shell layer is the last line of protection between you, the elements, and the job site. A high-performance shell with DWR lets water roll right off and is strong enough to resist any sharp or abrasive objects you come into contact with.