TRUEWERK Trade Pro Highlight: Aneesa Wynberg

Industrial Athlete Nation Highlight: Aneesa Winn

Aneesa Wynberg’s journey into being an arborist was natural. She always enjoyed anything hands-on and liked to see the difference that her work could make. Plus, she always liked working outside. When Aneesa found out that some people climb trees for a living, she knew that's what she would end up doing. 

Passion is Important

Aneesa explains that if you work in the industry, there are definitely people who are all about tree life. They want to know everything about it; they want to climb the biggest trees they can and be the best climber. They make goals and keep at it every day. For others, it is just a job. They might want to stay a little closer to the ground and aren't interested in new techniques or gear. But Aneesa is definitely not one of those. She’s a passionate professional arborist and loves everything about her job.


Her favorite part of the job is, simply put, the climbing. Aneesa's biggest goal is to be able to climb the largest trees and just have fun.


"It's very exciting for me to be able to practice what I do. Make big swings. Climb out to the very ends. Enjoy the views and the people," she says. "I'm very much about always trying to learn. I think it's important to set goals, be patient, and build confidence. Learning is important, otherwise, what would we be here for?" 


Check out Aneesa Wynberg of Tree Chic LLC in the video below. 


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