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Behind Cloud Fabric

Behind Cloud Fabric

When the summer starts, work doesn’t stop. Those fry-an-egg-level temperatures aren’t just uncomfortable, they can be unsafe. No matter how hot it gets, you’ll need innovative ways to stay cool and protected without sacrificing your ability to get the job done. Enter the Cloud Line, featuring our lightest and most breathable fabric to date. Cloud delivers UV protection, maximum airflow, and sweat-wicking power in state-of-the-art functional workwear featuring a 50D Polyester Bicomponent (poly-blend) crimped fiber. Crimped fibers increase a fabric’s flexibility, smoothness, softness, and overall quality without using Spandex, which soaks up and holds in moisture. The result? Comfort across the board from feel to function.


If you find yourself peeling off sweat-soaked clothes at the end of a long day, we have the solution. Imagine if your workwear acted as personal air conditioning. In our Cloud fabric, that's exactly what you'll experience. Crafted with advanced technology and meticulous attention to detail, Cloud provides unparalleled comfort and breathability. Lightweight composition allows for unparalleled airflow while sweat-wicking technology ensures moisture is pulled away from the skin fast, keeping you feeling fresh and invigorated even in the hottest conditions.


Beyond comfort, we’ve engineered Cloud to provide the performance benefits essential for working outdoors. Heat doesn't just mean sweat, but also exposure to the sun's harmful rays. With built-in UV protection, Cloud garments create a shield preventing skin damage from ultraviolet radiation. The added coverage and layers keep you safe, and when coupled with our airflow technology, you’ll be cool and covered no matter the temperature.



The Benefits

Whether pants or a button-up, comfort and temperature management lie in every Cloud product. 


A wicking treatment on the yarns disperses sweat 4X faster than untreated fabrics and dries quickly to keep you cool. Cloud fabric also has superior air flow, registering an air permeability of just over 20cfm (a level acceptable for aerobic activities).


Like personal cloud coverage, Cloud fabric will also keep you protected from the sun with UPF 30+. An average white cotton tee has a UPF 5 rating, meaning 1/5th of available radiation passes through the fabric. Block harmful UV rays from reaching your skin on site. No need to reapply.


TRUEWERK Cloud Shorts

The Products

The Cloud collection comes with head-to-toe protection and comfort:

Cloud Shorts

Move freely and stay sweat-free.


Cloud Pants

Versatility, functionality, breathability. Everything a lightweight pant should be.


 Cloud Shirts 

(Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, and Women's Fit)

You won’t be peeling this off later, we promise.

TRUEWERK Cloud Shirt LS - Women's Fit

 Cloud Bucket Hat

UV protection meets sweat drip prevention. 



You’re dedicated to your work. At TRUEWERK, we’re dedicated to your comfort and protection. Our Cloud Line is a testament to the innovative, high-performance workwear we are committed to delivering for every temperature, every task. Because you don't need gear that comes between you and the job, just you and the elements. 

Experience the Cloud Line.

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