Colorado Born & Raised

Colorado Born & Raised

Every company has to be founded somewhere. Apple started in a garage, sort of like a high school metal band, but with black turtlenecks instead of black t-shirts. Ikea was started in Sweden, hence the meatballs and symbols over vowels in their catalogs. Sometimes the companies come to transcend their origins, but other times that birthplace becomes a core part of a company’s DNA. At TRUEWERK, we’re from Colorado, born and raised, and it informs every part of who we are and what we do.


In fact, the company might not have even been created if our founder Brian didn’t cut his teeth building homes in Winter Park, Colorado. With all of the conditions Colorado threw his way, from freezing lows, to scorching highs, sometimes both in the same day, he realized that the status quo of workwear was broken. He re-envisioned workwear as a system that could adapt to every job site and be just as advanced and thoughtfully engineered as the best tools in the industry. Like our home state, TRUEWERK has since grown into something special—rugged and tough, but also innovative and open minded. A place for people who love the outdoors, but are also known to hole up in the lab, lock the door, and make something really, really cool.


So when we thought of people to show how our workwear is making a difference on the jobsite, we decided to focus on Colorado-based companies that are home to some truly inspiring trade professionals who, with the help of TRUEWERK, are making amazing things in the place that made them first.

 TRUEWERK Cloud Shirt


Rick Bieterman and Katy Welter started off in Chicago, but it was in Colorado that their visIon for the future was born. They’ve been building ever since. Their nonprofit Watershed Inc. works to rehabilitate old buildings into vibrant resources for Colorado’s mountain communities.


Currently, they’re lending their vision to the historic McGiniss Gymnasium. Whether they’re turning a run-down gym into a hub for community connection, or helping their own Watershed Ranch become a model for sustainable energy, Rick and Katy find that most days rarely end the same way they began. So they rely on workwear that’s as flexible and innovative as they are. TRUEWERK is proud to outfit their amazing mission of rebirth and rejuvenation in Colorado.


“There are mornings where we start off at 9,000 feet and 20 degrees, then the afternoon is somewhere in the 80-degree range, which is why I love the TRUEWERK layering system.”  -Rick


“We might go from being out in the field to meeting with a superintendent in an office setting. TRUEWERK covers both.”  -Rick

 TRUEWERK B1 Sun Hoodie


Colorado’s natural beauty wouldn’t be the same without its diverse species of native trees. For the team at Bartlett Tree Experts in Boulder, Colorado, that diversity is reflected in the wide variety of adventurous experts they’ve brought together to provide the best in tree care. Picture the hot sun beating down while climbing for several hours with a chainsaw hanging from your harness. Or working in a field of Russian Olives armored with two- to four-inch thorns.


From prevention and problem solving to physical exertion in brutal and changing weather, Bartlett’s team of specialists depend on an array of advanced equipment to reach new heights. Workwear is no exception. When they need to be able to stretch across vast canopies hundreds of feet in the air without worrying about the endless snags and abrasions that come with the territory, TRUEWERK gives them the flexibility, durability, and functionality they need to offer world-class tree care with no compromises.


“Having options to make it through the day is super important Being able to switch from warm in the morning to lightweight and breathable clothing during the day, goes a long way to keep us comfortable. I’ve struggled for years with finding comfortable workwear that also holds up to an intense job. Most importantly, they look cool. Half of doing any job is looking good while doing it, in my opinion.” -Sam Dilettoso


“Our teams deal with everything from snagging branches to deep dirt and extremely high temperatures. They really like the pants from TRUEWERK for their durability and mobility.” -Ashley Monreal


“The Sun Hoodie weight is heavy enough to prevent tearing and it resists abrasion, but it doesn’t feel too hot to wear in full sun.” -Ian

 Coffman Construction


Framing is all about vision—giving structure and form to what had previously just been lines on an architect’s blueprint. For Landon Nortune and Jarod Coffman, friends, brothers-in-law, and co-owners of Coffman Construction in Castle Rock, Colorado, every day they’re getting to see their dreams take shape and come to life. They’re working with family, building a growing portfolio of high-end clientele, and getting worldwide attention in the process, all while they’re still in their early 20s.


Too often the skilled trades wrongly interpret youth as a liability instead of an asset, but Coffman Construction is disrupting old assumptions with an infectious energy that’s backed up by meticulous precision and field-tested experience. It’s why they’ve been able to become a trusted online resource to thousands of tradespeople around the world, shining a light on industry innovations and conversations. With each project, Landon and Jarod bring fresh, new ideas on how to innovate within their trade, which makes them a perfect match for the flexible, forward-thinking workwear from TRUEWERK.  


“In the past, I’d take my tool belt off and the waistband would be so sweaty—totally soaked. And then after lunch it would be dry and crusty and you’d have to put your belt back on. The Cloud Shorts are breathable and fit well at the waist. I don’t need to wear a belt and that means one less layer under your toolbelt to irritate you through the day.” -Jarod


“We work with a lot of wood and steel so what we wear matters. We’ve torn jeans before pushing splits, but the TRUEWERK fabric has flexibility so despite our work being prone to tears and holes, we don’t have to worry about  that.” -Landon


“3 out of 5 days of the week, we have interactions with a homeowner, or a project manager, or future client. Presentability is something we consider every single day. I feel good when the entire jobsite looks professional and organized.” -Landon



From restored gymnasiums to A-frames and towering pines, Colorado is a place where you can find the next generation of trade professionals out there making their world a better place, and we couldn’t be prouder that they’re wearing TRUEWERK while they do it. We hope they inspire you like they inspire us. And we hope that when you wear our clothing, you feel like you have the tools you need to build something incredible, too.

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