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Meet the T1 Overall

Meet the T1 Overall

Overalls began as utilitarian workwear for farm work, fishing, and railroad construction, designed to be worn over one’s clothes to protect them while working. While overalls have moved from workwear to casual wear and back with changes in design and features, one thing still rings true—durability and comfort have made them a wardrobe staple through the centuries.


Vintage overalls photo

The History

Overalls were originally made from denim, heavy canvas, or waterproof fabric, dating back as far as the late 1700s. During WWI when women were required to support the war efforts but their everyday clothing was too dangerous for factory work, there was a boom in patents for women’s workwear.

While Levi Strauss & Company was the first to patent a garment with rivets in 1873, the trouser or waist overalls designed to be worn over undergarments, the first mass-produced bib overall was patented by Lee Jeans in 1921. Even before the style was patented, bib overalls as we’re familiar with today had long been produced and worn.


Truewerk T1 Overalls

An Updated Classic

While traditional denim and duck overalls can stand up to the job site, they don’t breathe or stretch and can easily weigh you down, should they get soaked. We took our best-selling lightweight, softshell work pants designed for warmer weather and applied them to a long-awaited overall style in men’s and women’s fits—not to be confused with TRUEWERK WerkBibs, which deliver premiere cold weather protection. Your favorite overall features, like plenty of pockets and a style that stays put, are engineered into a performance-forward product designed for all-day comfort.


T1 Fabric

Fabric Package

Our T1 fabric uses specially designed “float yarns”to keep things cool, while the wicking finish on the interior transports sweat away from the body four times faster than untreated fabric. Double-stitched seams mean they’re made to last, while abrasion and tear resistance combats any sharp objects you come into contact with. Finally, four-way stretch lets you bend and move any way your craft requires.


T1 Overalls - Truewerk Workwear

Special Features

The T1 Overalls include adjustable shoulder straps, articulated knees with removable knee pads, and a flexible waistband for the ultimate fit and comfort. For upgraded versatility, our universal feature set holds a phone, pencil, and some light tools, making the T1 Overall a great choice for a variety of warm-weather jobs.

Other features include:

  • Zippered fly
  • Two key clip loops
  • Hammer loop
  • Eight pockets: Chest drop-in phone pocket with snap, chest reinforced knife or light pocket, left thigh utility pocket with insert flap, hand pockets (two), and rear pockets (two)

Shop the new TRUEWERK T1 Overalls, now available in men’s and women’s fits.

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